About Us - Pawsitive Playtime

Pawsitive Playtime is a company dedicated to creating innovative and engaging products that enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Our mission is to combine quality, creativity, and functionality in every product we offer. With a passion for bringing joy and enrichment to pets, Tidal Toes is proud to introduce the AquaPaws Play Mat, a revolutionary interactive toy designed to stimulate and entertain cats like never before.

At Pawsitive Playtime, we understand the unique needs of pets and strive to develop products that not only meet but exceed these needs. The AquaPaws Play Mat features movable sea animals that react to your cat's touch, creating a dynamic play experience that keeps cats engaged and active. This innovative design mimics the unpredictable motion of real prey, stimulating your cat’s natural hunting instincts and providing endless entertainment.

Our commitment to quality ensures that every AquaPaws Play Mat is durable and safe for your furry friend. We believe that a happy pet makes for a happy home, and our products are designed to promote the well-being and happiness of pets everywhere. Join the Pawsitive Playtime family and discover how our creative solutions can transform your pet’s playtime into an exciting adventure.


1309 Coffeen Avenue, #1200
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
United States of America
Email: support@pawsitiveplaytime.com
Tel: 307-763-5614