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Welcome to TidalToes™️, Where Every Step is a Breath of Summer!

Our vision was to create a line of sandals that epitomizes the essence of summer: fun, freedom, and comfort.

Our Mission

At TidalToes™️, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, stylish, and supremely comfortable sandals for all ages. Our products are designed to make every day feel like a summer vacation, whether you’re beach-bound, city-strolling, or just relaxing at home.

Our Products

Each pair of TidalToes™️ sandals is crafted with care, incorporating the finest materials and innovative features. We emphasize breathability, flexibility, and durability to ensure that our sandals not only feel good but also withstand the rigors of your summer adventures. Our signature EVA soles offer lightweight support, perfect for all-day wear.

Sustainability at Heart

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. TidalToes™️ prioritizes sustainable practices throughout our manufacturing processes, selecting eco-friendly materials and methods whenever possible. Our goal is to tread lightly on the planet while providing you with footwear that you can feel good about.

Community and Customer Commitment

Our customers are the core of TidalToes™️. We strive to foster a community where feedback and interaction shape the future of our products. Our dedicated customer service team is here to ensure a seamless shopping experience, providing support, managing easy returns, and helping you find the perfect fit for your feet.

Step Into Our World

Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are just discovering TidalToes™️, we invite you to dive into our collection and see where our sandals can take you. Share your summer stories, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and become part of the TidalToes™️ family.

Thank you for letting TidalToes™️ be part of your summer journey. Here’s to many more seasons walking together in style and comfort!


1309 Coffeen Avenue, #1200
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
United States of America
Tel: 307-763-5614